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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I love this game!

(Image above is immediate kill system - ignores health points.)

Just finished integrating the status system.

Now all the status are closely related, poison will affect moving speed, the antibody can prevent immediate death etc.

I'm sure the current version is way interesting than the Beta release, you biologists are going to like it.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Name of the game

(Image above is my desktop wallpaper.)

Currently, I'm working on project integration, which almost made me re-write the whole project again.

Due to the new systems, the overall structure of the project should be more detailed, integration becomes a necessary progress.

Now you can combine items, modify weapons in the game, and the Mate Mode is more detailed (and pervert)

For the story, there's a big change, so I'm thinking of renaming the project.

I'm planning to change the title from "Primeval Planet: Operation Dark Mana" to something like "終戰天使"。

The good thing about Chinese is that it can make a long sentence very short, simply four characters can include the idea of the story.

"終戰天使" means "Angels that end the war", not sure what will be a cool English translate for this. "Termination Angels"?

Any thought?

Friday, February 2, 2018


Just telling you I'm alive.

Monday, August 28, 2017


Hi, this is Dr. Linch.

Thank you for supporting the project.

Due to the feedback collected from the previous release, I decided to make many changes to improve the gaming experience.

There is no estimated time for the final release.

This blog will stop update until the final version is done.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

Good luck.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Primeval Planet: Operation Dark Mana - Beta Info

Although to me there are many things that need to be improved, as the creator - and the only creator of the game, it is my responsibly to provide some basic information for current release.


During the game, if you found the surrounding is too dark - please turn the graphic setting to "fantastic" when you start the game and you will be fine.

Armor supply / slow walking speed after armor breaks: Now I'm adding more supply point for the coming release, but there is nothing I can do for the current version. The easy way out now is to set the difficulty to "Mortal" and the armor breakdown rate will decrease. We are all mortals, no shame on that.

The game runs too slow - close other applications and you will be fine.

Missing Warmbugs -  that's considered to be the most serious bug that's in the project so far. One quick way to fix it is to delete all .txt files in the following directory:

PPODM Beta\ODM Beta_Data\SaveSlot\Lair

Please let me know if this doesn't work. A new design for Warmbug lairs is introduced in the coming release.


Here is a video of how to finish the game. Since I'm the designer, it only took me 18 mins. So far from the data collected, it usually takes 1 hour to finish it (without a walkthrough).

Video walkthrough

All rooms available in the Beta release

All documents in the Beta release

All intelligence in the Beta release

[Future fix]

A. Lake of supply points / moving speed too slow after armor breaks down

Hiding spots are added in the next release. ODM is not a game focusing on actions - so instead of giving Ava 120 bullet and allow her fight along the way, she is now receiving only 36 bullets. In retune, a hiding spot is added in many scenes. For instance, Ava can now hide under a bed and avoid a fight with the enemies. After adding all these hide spots, the hallways might look different from one to another.

B. Serum injection system:

Currently system: After injecting a serum and have sex with a warmbug, the sex animation will be different. In addition, the Warmbug will drop an item after it got killed. Multi-Eye Cum Bag will even die immediately after sex.

Future system:
Since the serum is not easy to use (it requires you to open the inventory panel) and the way to use is not clear now. Thus, a female closet system is introduced to the project to replace it.

C. Female Closet System:

Background: A troop called "Special Supply Team" which are assembled by females are now introduced to the game. Those female closets are previously where those supply team used to store their clothing, but now Ava can use them as supply points and get a special outfit.

Serum will no longer consider being an item but injected automatically once Ava reaches any female closets. Ava will still walk very slow if she is naked, but the supply points are now everywhere on the map so the slow crawling is no longer a problem. However, only supply point at C7 provides an autosave for the player.

D. Audio:

Check this out:

The audio in Beta is just a half-done system. The moaning and Warmbug sounds will improve in the next release. Distance-fading of Warmbugs and a variety of moaning sounds are now in process.

E. Translation:

Now I don't have any proper guy for translation, either for English or Japanese. Will pay and find someone to do it for me.

F. Warmbug generation system:

Currently, those Warmbugs are generated randomly, and later I found out this is not a good design and some bug exist which will remove the bug for an unknown reason. In the next release, Warmbugs will be placed manually, hope this design can bring more fun to the Biologists.


Currently, I'm still finding a job so I will take me some time to come back to work on the project.

I promise you the next release will be much interesting.

Don't worry, Dr. Linch makes things happen.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


I don't like to use the word "Failure" very much, but somewhere in my heart, that's how I feel about the project now.

This Beta release supposed to be a big event. I should start to advertise, make videos, send emails to people who participate Alpha, etc. However, after a second thought, I decide not to do so.

The reason is simple - the game is just not fun, and it is not ready.

It is not hard to tell that  I put all my effort in this game.

I just fucking graduated now and need to find a job immediately, but I'm stuck with this project, figuring out the way to improve it.

I want to build a game that I'm proud of - and can entertain my audience.

It's very easy to build a game with just some simple script with some fuck animations and makes tons of cash by facilitating this repeatable process, but this is not I want, and this ODM is not that kind of game.

A document system is never a requirement of a hentai game - nor intelligence system. The story of a Hentai game doesn't need to make sense as well... A girl with big boobs can just show up and get fucked by big dick orc without any reasons.

But then I question myself - is this what I want? Is that what you Biologists what?

To me, a good game should receive no marks taken when Hentai content is removed. A good game with the story itself, it should be interesting enough that people would like to discuss it. Players should share the emotion of heroine, and remember the heroine, as well as the game, and there is where the connection between the player and the game build. Otherwise, the game is nothing but some tissue paper, once you go through it, the value is no longer exist.

I appreciate the support from some Biologists from this release. There were Biologists feeling very painful when I postpone the project... I'm glad to know the project is attractive to you.

ODM needs to be improved, and it will be improved.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Thank you for your patient.

Click the image to download the game!

If you have any questions, please check out the forum, thanks!

  • There will be only 1 ending
  • Documents up to 5
  • Intelligence up to 6
  • Max exploration rate 31.6%

Also, remember to check this out!

Another game for your biologists, mastered by DARKEXECUTOR, a resourceful biologist. This is a true H-ACT game, just released. Hot!

So that's it...I need to get some sleep now...

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Development Hell...

"What are you doing here, Eternal Star Force?"

Ava is not along on the planet...

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ava's friend

Will Ava have Ahegao? The Answer is no.

She is not that kind of girl, but her friend Sardo will do this for her.

Sardo was a member of the Striker, one of the best unit of Eternal Star Force.

She was born in the most chaos area, her parents were killed during the religious war. She lost her brother later and was adopted by ESF army.

You may learn more about her from the game.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Behold, the bringer of Hentai.

Don't ask me how many female characters are there in the game. Honestly, I don't know.

First of all, I want to thank you all following this blog post.

Once again I apologized for the lack of updates.

I really hope I can bring you guys a good game, and that's probably why I choose not to use patreon. If I use patreon, I'm sure I'll focus on advertising and gaining cash, the project is never going to finish.

Dr. Linch is still wrapping things up. The project is not yet at the final stage, but somewhere during the final second stage.

For the following month, there will be frequent updates disclosing Operation Dark Mana.

Follow closely.

Dr. Linch makes things happen.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fashion Show

"What are you looking at? Are you try to find out their color? Don't you find them bigger?"

I try to keep this short.

I've just finished the third modification of Warmbug AI...

Each Warmbug has its unique attack pattern, some will make Ava climax, some will not; some will fly in the sky, some will stay sleeping most of the time. As for how you can probably know, it's a time-consuming job.

The good thing is, all the art and sex animation(related to Ava) are 80% done(including the BOSS). Even half of the supporting characters are done.

I'm still fighting with the deadline, trying to publish the project as soon as possible, with no trade-off on quality(that's probably why I spend so much time working on the AI).

Here is something I might need your help.

There will be several slaves as human cattle showing up in the game. This is how they look like so far:

I'm thinking of improving their costume(or accessories you can say, they don't wear actual cloth), I don't have time to deep in, so the author is welcome to any suggestions.

Besides the costume of slaves, there will be some fleet members who are not from Eternal Star Fleet(which Ava belongs), their costume needs to be improved as well, just feel the current design is not that cool.

Leave a message if you have some good Sci-fi images/ideas, I would like to hear from you!
Dr. Linch will see you Biologists soon!