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Saturday, February 13, 2016


Planet Kambrian was discovered by a scout fleet during a discovery mission five years ago, currently has become one of the most popular topics among the star associations.

There are two main reasons for the human being so eagerly to land on Kambrian :

First, the powerful energy mine on Kambrian is able to generate power which equals to power generated by a minor nuclear plant for three weeks with only one gram, which is believed to be the alternative resource for universe exploration of next generation.

Second, the fierce creature on Kambrian - Warmbug, is highly concerned with star associations, medical field, and science field because of its value. Limited data shows that the secretions of Warmbug might have the ability to repair damaged human cells and the maintenance of stem cell structure, which has the possibility to cure all lethal wound.

However, landing on Kambrian is regard as an extremely difficult task. The terrain of Cambrian is not conducive to land because of its enormous magnetic interference fields, it blocks communication signals and brings down navigation system of spaceships. In addition, identified Warmbug has verified a high level of hostility toward the human.

After two giant battleship has tragedy failed their landing mission, the star associations resembled "Kambrian Research Association (KRA)" and legislate strict laws to forbids illegal landing on Kambrian planet.

CRA is believed to be a study and collaboration organization, but it is actually nothing but a platform for star associations to mutually spying. Secret landing continues happens under the table. All-star associations are all willing to be the first to establish colonies and exclusive resources on Kambrian.

Ava Liberty is a warfare analysis of the third scout fleet, she and her best friend - Talent Victoria, the vice commander of Lady Luck, are responsible for routine patrol operation of Planet Kambrian.

One day they suddenly ordered to land on the most inclement area of Planet Kambrian . According to the data, several weeks ago, one special military research fleet was sent to Planet Kambrian secretly. From the last communication log, the research team has discovered a vital secret of Planet Kambrian.

Ava and her fellows are given the order to land on the planet and recover the important intelligence.Ava is not a fighting unit. She was so scared of this mission. Victoria touched her face tender and softly, each of her moves has comforted the deepest part of Ava's heart.

However, this is the last time that they share the moment together. With unclear reason, the nuclear device has broken down, the spaceship start force landing. When Ava wakes up, she found that she is landing in the military research ship, but none of her fellows are there.

From the deepest place of the ship, she seems heard Victoria is calling her name. As the final survivor, Ava put on the combat suit and load the gun.

She determined to recover the intelligence and find her best friend Victoria.


  1. wait
    where can I play the game?

    1. Here is the latest version:

  2. also please mind the name my friend made it

    1. Not quite sure what do you mean... Are you asking the name of the author? If that's the case, the game is made by me, Dr. Linch, you can follow my channel on Youtube or Twitter to get the latest updates.