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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Thanks for participating the closed-release.

This is an immature version, there must be many places remain unfinished. Apologized for that.

Hopefully, from this version you biologists can have a better idea of what the project is leading to.

Any feedback from you biologist is welcome.

With the improvement of the author's development skills, he wants to make many approvements and restructure.

It will be a long way for Ava, but we the biologist will definitely help her go through this hard task.

The author promises you the project will only improve until it becomes perfect.

Thanks again.


  1. 1.跑步算有個BUG吧就是z+方向健跑在止步前在按z+方向健往另方跑 會是上一個方向必須等跑步到止步完成 z+方向健跑才會照我想的方向跑 還有2.抵抗那裏的判斷有時無法想往抵抗移動 必須往迎合才有反應 或者反過來這樣 3.一個不確定就是有碰到一次抵抗還迎合完有出現一個重複地趴搭趴搭的聲效?4.溫蟲襲擊時他殼.腳顏色跟移動時的配色不一樣? 以上暫時發現

    1. 雨狐你好,

      2.劣勢模式:有時候後抵抗比較容易,有時候迎合比較容易,迎合難易度 + 抵抗難易度 = 定量。玩家要判斷哪一個比較容易。


  2. 1.點選任何未完成選單後當掉按A退出,在一次按A進入選單產生畫面卡死當掉
    4.這抵抗也太累人了吧== 不管是順從還是抵抗都非常難按,即便放開按鍵不做任何事,抵抗條也不會變多或減少

    1. A "Gentle Some"你好,

      4.劣勢模式:有時候後抵抗比較容易,有時候迎合比較容易,迎合難易度 + 抵抗難易度 = 定量。玩家要判斷哪一個比較容易。


  3. 對了,問一下各位,有生物學家反應遊戲困難度過高...由於作者喜歡玩超高難度的遊戲,故開發本專案時依循本性將敵人設計得十分強悍,不知道目前敵人的強度會不會讓生物學家們受挫?

  4. 不要就是大規模人海戰術和過多次數的重複掙脫、流程可以接受 另外還發現個地方就是對話框時,X鍵會有半動作舉槍,是不是對話時,禁用X鍵比較好?

    1. 因為專案希望強調角色心理,因此採用慢步調,是少量怪物並且以緩慢節拍執行。




  5. found this randomly but it looks very good from what I seen with the pics and stuff, can't wait to see more : D

    1. Thank you for your support!

      Actually, the author was quite worried about the art quality wouldn't satisfy English community. With this message the author gain the power to move on.

      You might be the first English user posting a message here, the author thinks this means a lot to this blog.

      By the way, is the English essay understandable? Since the author is not native English speaker, he is worried about his ambiguous English.

    2. uh-oh I feel the weight of responsibility on my shoulders XD

      that's a bit sad to hear since this looks very well done, in fact it reminds me of another bloggers art style I look at as well (which isn't a bad thing mind you)

      and what do you mean by "essay"? (i'm half asleep XD so i might have missed something)

      i'm assuming your talking about his overall English, if that's the case then tell the dood i thought he already knew English XD (it looked perfect to me lol)

    3. Don't feel any stress, you are a symbol of a good connection to English community.

      Nice to know that the author's English is understandable. The word "essay", by the way, refers to the English paragraphs that written by the author. Apologized for the confusion.

      The main reason for the author worrying about the art style is because his major is not art, and he doesn't know if people will accept his art style or not. He picked "Cell way" (not sure for the exact term in English) rather than "Gradient way" as the main method to put on colors, which is a more efficient way but different from most Japanese artists.

      Glad to know that the author's art style make you think of other bloggers. It seems that the author is on the right track, and his work on testing different art styles leads to good outcomes.

      Many of the discussions are done here already but not in English. The author really wants to translate the replies and share more information to English community, but he believes a better way is to accelerate the development speed and hand over the result to you "Biologists" ASAP.

    4. i see, honestly when I first saw this I thought it was going to be another "Japanese only" but I got happy seeing some English, i'll be sure to help out anyway I can ^^ (altho I is a bit dumb so I can't make anything to contribute XD) tell him that it looks wonderful so far *thumbs up*

    5. Thank you for your support, it's very nice to know there is someone out there willing to help.

      Well, "the author" who I was saying refers to me myself. I'm the only developer and owner of this project, I do all the programming and art myself. Yes, it is a weird statement, "the author" apologized for the confusion.

      The author is now trying to enhance the plot and make it become something very amazing. Hopefully, the game can bring you biologists a wonderful experience.

      Thanks again!

    6. ooohhhh ok, your speaking in the 3rd person (if not then it's the best way others will get it XD) happy to offer what help I can give tho^^

    7. Yeah, sorry for the way I speak, that's quite confusing. Since I'm very subjectively, I try to use another way to speak.

      Thank you for supporting this project! This is the best help I (the author) need!

  6. Looks great. Can't wait for a beta or release!

    1. Thank you for the reply.

      The author is sorry for keeping you biologist waiting, yes he is. The bad news is you biologist might need more patient for the project because the await will continue for a while. After the closed-release, a beta release will emerge, and the time gap will be quite long, say, six months. Hopefully, it can be a DUBBED VERSION - AVA CAN SPEAK FOR HERSELF. Let's see what the author can do.

      It is easy to just draw some ugly creature and put them on a scene to rape girls with big boobs, but in order to leverage the overall game experience to a higher level, it requires a lot of works, and most of them are invisible.

      The author can not promise you biologists the dubbed version or the release date or any other stuff which is still pending, but the author will definitely do his BEST to make wonderful things happen. He is waiting for the beta-release eagerly as well.

      Thank you for supporting the project.

  7. Wow, a game that only a picture can grab people's attention with, impressive and this looks like something worth buying. Also seen the comments, really hope the project is fun for both you and us for when a beta comes out although I would like to just play what is available now just to see how good this will be but I can wait. Best of luck in the game!

    1. Thank you for the support!
      I see this project as one of the most important life goal of mine. I'll try to do everything I can and will make the output as perfect as possible. The process might be a little slow but eventually we the biologists will reach the goal and share the wonderful outcome!
      Thanks again!