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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Before this post, God knows where the views of the video came from...

Quick announcement of what will happen:

1. If there is no accident (which I believe there won't be one, but who knows?), the release will be in a week.

2. Current content is enough for alpha release (in terms of functionality), however, Dr. Linch wants to share more stuff of the game, for instance, add one more warmbug.

3. Before the formal alpha release, there will be a pre-alpha release focusing on a small group of people to test the distribution condition of the game and searching critical errors in the code. Only if a critical error is found, otherwise the alpha test won't postpone.

White - what's remaining
Green - fixed
Yellow - postpone
Orange - monitoring
Red - canceled

The day for the author to sleep on time is coming soon.


  1. 加油 一直很期待的作品

    1. 感謝,作者會確保每個細節都照顧到,提供生物學家最棒的遊戲經驗!