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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Alpha test has initialized...

Click the image to navigate to download website!

Q: What is the main point for Alpha Release?
A: The check the functionality such as Warmbug AI, player control, UI usability etc.

Q: What feedback did pre-alpha tester provide?
A: The game is too hard. Recommend biologist to select the mortal difficulty.

Q: What is the recommended resolution?
A: 1024*768 is recommended.

Q: About the bullets...
A: For testing reasons, the bullets is given at the beginning. Ava will not receive any extra bullet during the game, be aware.

Q: About player control...
A: Press A to reload, combine down arrow key with left or right arrow key to crawl through the enemy.

Q: How many Hentai content for this version?
A: The alpha test is for game structure and functionality testing. Although there are 4 Hentai models is already build, only one warmbug shows up in the current A: version. Once the current design of warmbugs AI is validated without error, Dr. Linch will then add them to the game.

Q: About the checkpoint...
A: Checkpoint is not included in this version.

Q: About the ending...
A: There is no ending for the Alpha test so you can choose any difficulty you want.

Q: Why I need an account?
Q: Because Dr. Linch wants to send you the next release to you directly.

Q: About the password...
A: The download platform is using Microsoft Identity Framework, the password is hashed before storing into the database.

Q: I don't want to apply an account!
A: Wait for the next release then. I might take authentication away in the next version.

Q: What extra data will be collected?
A: Performance data will be collected only once at the final level.
They are:
1. Attack Log: Whenever you attacked an enemy and hit them, the status of the character will be collected.
2. Enter Log: Whenever you enter a level, the status will be recorded.
3. Elimination Log: Whenever you killed an enemy, the data will be collected.

If you don't what your performance data to be collected, simply just don't enter the final room...

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. hello Dr Linch i got Q&A regarding about you and your scientist team.... Do you have 'circle' name team or just Dr. Linch? Because usually i group my collection folder e.g like

    [Action] [Dr. Linch] The Primeval Planet - Operation Dark Mana

    something like that, unless you have another official name beside your name?

    1. Hi Niwa,
      I'm a one guy game designer, I do the coding the story and the art alone.
      For the name of the folder, I would suggest...
      [Action] [Linch] The Primeval Planet - Operation Dark Mana

      Since I will work only on The Primeval Planet series, so maybe you can think of...
      [Action] [Linch] ODM or [Action] [PP] ODM

      I don't know... it's your call. Dr. Linch is good enough for me and it will remain consistent. :)

  2. Hey Dr Lynch love your alpha, i have a few suggestions on how to improve the game if you would hear me out:

    I got a bit confused as to what doors got unlocked when i interacted with the console. It opened a few doors but i did not know what doors required the little bastard and which doors remained shut. (give them different colours maybe?)
    Also having the ability to run after you have been attacked a few times would be nice (otherwise the warmbugs keep grabbing you until your hp reaches 0)
    and finally the ability to view controlles in the menu and adjusting the sound volume would be grea.

    Other than that the game worked great for me! the AI seems competent (although a few bugs froze up) and everything triggered when it was supposed to.

    Hope things keep going well and the game comes out in an awesome state!

    1. Hi Republic Biologist,

      Thank you for your support!

      First I apologized for the message provided from the door, I made that done right before I uploaded the game. I'm sure the information provided will be clearer in the coming release. Just notice that there are two kinds of doors: Some doors will automatically use the item that is necessary to open the door; other doors that require a decision from the player, such as little bastard ones, will ask for a confirmation from the player.

      For the running part, it has been proven that the 'Melee Mode'(While getting grabbed by a warmbug) is a little bit too difficult. Some design must be adjusted to make warmbugs go easy on Ava when her armor breaks down.

      The instruction will be added as the first intelligence so a player can get some hint when they forgot about the control keys.

      Thanks again for the support and if you really like this project, please introduce it to more people(such as a forum), I would be happy to meet more biologist :)

  3. how to fix ODM Setting.txt ?

    1. Hi Louis,

      Somehow your image is not working. Maybe you can show me the error message by text so we can find a way to fix the problem :)

    2. it's says about no input detected, missing ODM setting.txt in game folder

    3. When you receive the confirmation email, there is a file called "ODM setting.txt" attached with it. Simply put it inside the game folder and things will work. The instruction is quite clear in the email as well, take a look and tell me if it is still not working.

  4. How come it is censored? Just curious.

    1. Hi Scott,
      Not sure what do you mean by censored. Would you like to put it in a easy way so I can understand?

    2. Pixels covering the vagina area.

    3. According to laws in some countries, it should be this way. However, the main reason for I'm doing this is because of from studies they indicate that pixels will bring viewers more room for imagination and provide a better experience. The project focus on such details very much... Dr. Linch wants the project to be stratified, people won't like every design in the game, but by the time those details combined as a whole, it will be something pretty impressive... hopefully.

    4. not really sure how accurate the whole more room for imagination and making it a better experience I could get for legal reasons but that's all, I think the better route is to have a way to get rid of the pixels so that it works for every one, it seems very assuming to say that it will add to peoples imagination and that it will give us a better experience.

    5. Thank you for your suggestions. It is true that this kind of topic are quite subjective, and often varies by personalities and cultures of different countries. For instance, in porn movies, Western style tend to focus on the sex organ quite much compare to Japanese style.

      For legal reasons, the project cannot take that away pixels. Before the game is published, there will be a government institution that examines if there are pixels or not(seriously!). But in the future, Dr. Linch will look after people who prefer no pixels... for example, using cum to cover vagina. Hope this is a trade-off point that you can accept.

    6. Yes I understand, Plus I'm sure your fan base can find a way to change it as well seeing as its made in unity you'd be surprised how clever people are at modifying stuff, I also get how dumb laws like that are I see no purpose to such restrictions it's idiotic and against creative freedom in my opinion so its sad to see.

    7. I believe there are biologists who are quite good at modifying things. There are already smart biologists talked with me about the asset files and security problems.
      The only problem here is the alpha is not quite spread somehow. The number of people participates in alpha is lesser than one-third of my baseline estimation... I really hope the game can by spread through the forum(such as 4chan, or some membership forum) but that's not happening. With a limited number of participants, people won't even know this game so no one is going to modify it.

    8. I noticed that its one the ulmf forums perhaps you should pay them visit.

    9. Yeah, this kind of information sharing form is what I'm looking for, I hope biologist can share the information if they like the project. Recently I'm thinking ways to spread the information and I believe I will found some approaches. Thank you for the information provided.

  5. Are you able to progress after the merc's get killed?

    1. Hi Biologist,
      What do you mean by progress? If you are talking the about the door to A3, once it's locked, you can not go back.

    2. As in do we have to wait for the alpha to end before we can continue the story?

      im kinda stuck at this point

    3. The mercenaries are the only event included in this release. After that, it is the end of the alpha. Apologized, I guess you might think the AIC can be used somewhere...