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Monday, January 2, 2017


Dear Biologists, Happy New Year!

Apologized for not posting for a while, Dr. Linch is now enjoying his holidays to recover his stamina for the next release.

First and foremost, thank you for participating the Alpha release.

Dr. Linch receives feedback saying the Melee mode is too hard, the warmbug is too less, no information for certain door... etc. Thank you so much for the feedback, the author takes the feedback very seriously and will modify the project according to these opinions.

The next release will be a complete version, straight to the end of the game.

Here is some data collected from the Alpha release:

Sample collected rate: 41%

Game complete in each difficulty:
Easy: 82%
Normal: 15%
Hard: 3%
Hell: 0%

Attacks launched by enemies:
Melee: 84%
Normal: 16%

Biologists who find the mercenary girl: 56%

Notice: The system only collect information when the player first completes the game.

Biologists who participate Alpha release are now in the focus group. If you are not yet registered, Dr. Linch recommends you apply an account before next release.

If you are a busy Biologist, Dr. Linch strongly suggests you subscribe the Youtube channel so you won't miss any importance update of the project.

That's it! I'll see you Biologists around.


  1. Wow, im getting excited that this game is near its release!

    will the game get its multiple endings in the next release or will it happen afterwards?

    1. Hi Republic!

      The game is designed to end up with multiple endings, but the next release will be a one ending only. As a reminder, this one-ending version will be free for all biologist as well.

      Since the plot is still under modification, the multiple ending version is still pending.