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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fashion Show

"What are you looking at? Are you try to find out their color? Don't you find them bigger?"

I try to keep this short.

I've just finished the third modification of Warmbug AI...

Each Warmbug has its unique attack pattern, some will make Ava climax, some will not; some will fly in the sky, some will stay sleeping most of the time. As for how you can probably know, it's a time-consuming job.

The good thing is, all the art and sex animation(related to Ava) are 80% done(including the BOSS). Even half of the supporting characters are done.

I'm still fighting with the deadline, trying to publish the project as soon as possible, with no trade-off on quality(that's probably why I spend so much time working on the AI).

Here is something I might need your help.

There will be several slaves as human cattle showing up in the game. This is how they look like so far:

I'm thinking of improving their costume(or accessories you can say, they don't wear actual cloth), I don't have time to deep in, so the author is welcome to any suggestions.

Besides the costume of slaves, there will be some fleet members who are not from Eternal Star Fleet(which Ava belongs), their costume needs to be improved as well, just feel the current design is not that cool.

Leave a message if you have some good Sci-fi images/ideas, I would like to hear from you!
Dr. Linch will see you Biologists soon!


  1. Human cattle.... heh Doc, do you also got therapist Phd? you got me there.

    if i had to give idea... nah cant think any of those. but i maybe can recommend you on something. Do you read any doujin/H-manga or close simillar to that?
    here artist i recommend you watch their works
    a) Ishimura/Ishimura-ya
    b) makari tohru/Yokohama Junky (look on his Monster Hunter game parody there 5 title)

    there mostly probably 'vore' but it might give you 'some' inspiriation on your game. (will update recommend artist if i found any though)

    Btw for makari tohru just read the Monster hunter 2nd story (1-3 part) & 4th story (1-5 part) for 1st & 3rd story kinda look like bad end story or something like that, but feel free to read.

    1. Thank you for the recommendations!

      Yes, I do watch doujin/H-manga, and I watched A LOT in order to get inspiration for the project. I even study gay porn to see if there is any good idea that can use to enhance the project to a higher level, can you imagine that...?

      Ishimura - the master of the anal, the girls in his stuff just looks like sluts, I know his stuff well.

      Yokohama - many biologists had recommended this guy to me and I do study his stuff. I love the descriptions in the manga about those beasts.

      I guess I need to apologize that in the current project there is no warmbug that will do the vore. There was one giant frog before though - but after second thought I decided to move that forward and include it as a warmbug of the second series.

      Hope warmbugs in current series can serve you well. :)

  2. i hope you found nice fitting costumes linch (have no good ideas myself), and am lookign forward to the challenging ai. I wanted to ask if the plan is to release the game in april/march?

    1. Hi, Republic! Nice to see you again!

      I'm as eager to publish the project as soon as possible, but the current situate doesn't allow me to do so. The project still requires some time to finish, even with all enemies are finished. There are just too many details that require a lot of time and efforts, for instance, the balance of enemy strength, special effects, variable integration... sometimes they come all together so I need to fix the architecture of the project, which cost a lot of extra time.

      I care about this project, and I'm already putting all my efforts on it. Hopefully, before the end of April, I can wrap things up, and live a better live...

  3. how are you doing so far ? :). Keep up the good work

    1. Hi there, nice to hear from an anonymous biologist!

      The project is under final stage of artwork expending, finalizing the design of the second character, priests, slaves...etc.

      Not sure how long will it take to close the project, there are things going on in life so I'm kind of busy. One thing for sure is, I'm doing my best and the project will be published soon after I make sure each detail are taking care of.

      Hope next post is project release!

    2. well i think it is safe to say we are all very much looking forward to it, especially when we know you are not rushing the project and therefore are not sacrificing quality :)

    3. Maybe in the next several posts, I'll release more artwork to let you guys know what's going on to the project. It's very bad for me not to share current status. Apologized for that. :(

    4. will we be getting an update then...?

    5. This month will be a heavy month of updates, don't miss any post! :D