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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Name of the game

(Image above is my desktop wallpaper.)

Currently, I'm working on project integration, which almost made me re-write the whole project again.

Due to the new systems, the overall structure of the project should be more detailed, integration becomes a necessary progress.

Now you can combine items, modify weapons in the game, and the Mate Mode is more detailed (and pervert)

For the story, there's a big change, so I'm thinking of renaming the project.

I'm planning to change the title from "Primeval Planet: Operation Dark Mana" to something like "終戰天使"。

The good thing about Chinese is that it can make a long sentence very short, simply four characters can include the idea of the story.

"終戰天使" means "Angels that end the war", not sure what will be a cool English translate for this. "Termination Angels"?

Any thought?


  1. Hey Dr Linch, i hope life has made a turn for the better for you and its great to see some major updates for the game!
    For the new name, maybe angel's culmination (working towards concluding an event)?
    Not the best name but i hope it helps...
    Loved the Beta btw! Just dont push yourself too hard :)

    1. Hi Republic! Nice to see you again!

      There are a lot of updates for the game, many things are added after Beta... I can't wait to share it with you.

      For the name, "Angel's Culmination" sounds cool, I like it.


    2. What about Valiant Angel? doesn't hint at her ending a war but gives an insight to Ava's character.

    3. Definitely a good name and pretty much matches the main idea of Ava's troop. Please allow me to bring you more details so you'll know what you have named.

      The title of the game is the name of Ava's troop. Ava and her friends were assigned to this special troop Valiant Angel for space exploration mission. People from this special troops share some characteristics: they are all female, alone with no family members(like orphans, or lost their loved ones in wars) and have one or two special skills.

      An important message about the name is loneliness. This can't be seen directly, but after knowing the background, it can be sensed. That's why in Chinese I use "Angels that end the war", implying that Ava and her friends are disposable pawns and their existence are only to complete the mission.

      So far I love Valiant Angel and think I might use it. I'm wondering if this title is unique enough(to me it is, but don't know about English community) and is thinking of the necessity of creating a unique word(e.g. Valiangel).

      Thanks a lot for this name. Tell me if you have further thoughts :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Kanakawa,

      This one is very straightforward, maybe that's what I need for the title.

      I'll think about it, thanks!

    2. I really like that name

    3. It is for sure a good name, especially when it has translated into Chinese(or even Japanese), it will be something like "終點上的天使", sounds like a title of a novel.

    4. I would think about something more...unique? The thing is, you must avoid titles that are too generic or too similar to the existing ones. Look at the mistake they did with anime Sin:Nanatsu no Taizai - title was almost exactly the same as a much better title made few years earlier (+it's rather generic). Result? You might struggle with the search engines when looking for a specific content. Think about a word or a phrase that would stand out among the crowd and made a user remember that title and help them find you without looking at the second page of Google :D You can try to create a new word - look at Vosmug's Xenotake, it's not a word :D

    5. One reason for thinking about a new title is the current one is too long. A title which is too long, too common or too hard to remember will cause some bad effects, just like that seven sin anime you are saying.((Btw, from the title I thought you are referring to this one:

      I love your advice and was thinking of creating a new word for a title before. This approach for sure will be the best way, but English is not my first language which makes me hesitate for creating it on my own. I'm not sure if the word even makes sense... for instance, "Culminangel"(a combination of the word Angel and Culmination, suggested by Republic) or "Terminangel"(combining the word Termination and Angel), I have no idea if those names sound good or not.

      Please provide me any names if you have something in mind, I'll credit you ;)

    6. Saint's War
      Saint's End

    7. Thanks for providing! It seems that we need to carrying out a poll to find out what people think about the title...

    8. Angimanation...unique(no google results!), quite catchy, a little cheap...I can support that one!

  3. "Angels of war" sounds like Valkyrie. Something to do with them?

    1. Sorry for the late reply... I actually read a book to understand what Valkyrie is about then turns out forgetting to reply to this post. It's not related to Valkyrie but it is a good suggestion, so I probably will adopt it.