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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dr. Linch makes things happen.

At the beginning of the article, I want to thank you all Biologists for supporting this development blog.

Well, no worries, a start like this is not a shutdown notification. The project goes fine.

So far, biologists from around the world gave their attention and suggest value advice to me, and it helps a lot.

The arrogant author who considers himself almighty nowhere gives his hearty thanks to you smart biologists.

I'm working hard on the project so I spend less time maintain this blog

However, I knew that you biologists are there watching every move of this blog.

It is obvious that biologists will feel upset every time step by and saw no updates.

Thus, I decided to post one new post every two weeks no matter what. I'll just make the article shorter so I can still focus on development.

For the progress of the project: background was done, fleet background settings still adjusting, characters are still expanding, and "Operation Rebirth", the event that brings Ava to this mess, details are clear.

Hopefully, we can start talking about some background next time.

Some old article will be modified. I'll start to call myself "I" instead of "the author" to reduce confusion. I'll share some interesting things in future articles, hope that we can establish a good connection.

Finally, I'm thinking a good ending sentence for every article to bring some good luck to the project...

"Dr. Linch makes things happen."

How's it sounds?


  1. "Dr. Linch makes things happen"... Sounds good enough, but it's good that you are making it so we can know your alive, and still eagerly waiting for the demo of that game, So best of luck!

    1. Thank you so much for the support. It's very nice to know that this project is under the expectation of biologists.
      I'll start posting stuff regularly, and maybe try to do some exercises as well to keep myself alive...

  2. Hype train has no brakes for this project.

    1. I will stop at nothing to finish this project. I don't mind spending my own gold to find someone to finish it if I can't do it on my own.
      That is the true meaning of "Dr. Linch makes things happen".