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Monday, September 5, 2016

Do you speak English?

The image on top is one draft from the very beginning. Ava's equipment are inspired by S-belt, an equipment that I should put on when standing guard during the time serving the military.

A decision just been made that English has become the main language of the project, so congratulations to English biologists!

And for Chinese biologists... No worries, it won't take much time to modify.

For Japanese biologists... well, can the Great Empire find someone who can help with the translation? I do want to share this projects to you guys...

Today let's talk about how the project has formed.

Believe or not, this was previous planned to be a 3D game.

Although my major is not Game design,I know some 3D stuff. When trying to start the project, I found 3ds Max is fucking expensive(cost around 3000 USD) so I have no other option but to gave up. This was a long gap, it stopped the project for more than one years.

Later on, I found Unity is free game engine and support 2D project, so the project then moved on and identified as a 2D project.

The draft of this project is an RPG one, but after playing Skyrim, this idea became fucking stupid. As an alternative, I was inspired by Inferno and was obsessed by this lady from the Lust... so the project has become a Hell game or something like that.

But I'm not a fan of religion and get tired soon about mysticism... I like stuff that is more reasonable, for instance, relative-theories? I'm a fan of strategy games,  so maybe Sci-fiction is an easy way out.

Honestly, I'm not that into of Sci-fiction, because are not that reasonable as expected. So the way this project won't be a traditional Sci-fiction, but a more like a future military story.

The main idea of this project is "let the player feel the fun in a dispossessed fight". Later on, Victoria is add in the project because when thinking of expanding the project, I need more characters, but not guys on the good side. (Thus you can infer that I hate blood characters in comics...)

Finally, comes to the development report! The story has stopped for a while because it's all in my head and it's just a matter of time for outputting it. For the next release, we don't need to make the plot all done so it's time to focus on the art design.

Dr. Linch makes things happen. See you guys in a week or two.


  1. 沒想到一開始居然是3D構想啊?

    1. 真的是3D的呀,下次的文章中會分享之前用學生授權做的溫蟲。

      有了逆天的Unity這個專案才有機會呀!之前試過ShiVa 3D,有點難呀!