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Friday, June 23, 2017

Primeval Planet: Operation Dark Mana - Beta Info

Although to me there are many things that need to be improved, as the creator - and the only creator of the game, it is my responsibly to provide some basic information for current release.


During the game, if you found the surrounding is too dark - please turn the graphic setting to "fantastic" when you start the game and you will be fine.

Armor supply / slow walking speed after armor breaks: Now I'm adding more supply point for the coming release, but there is nothing I can do for the current version. The easy way out now is to set the difficulty to "Mortal" and the armor breakdown rate will decrease. We are all mortals, no shame on that.

The game runs too slow - close other applications and you will be fine.

Missing Warmbugs -  that's considered to be the most serious bug that's in the project so far. One quick way to fix it is to delete all .txt files in the following directory:

PPODM Beta\ODM Beta_Data\SaveSlot\Lair

Please let me know if this doesn't work. A new design for Warmbug lairs is introduced in the coming release.


Here is a video of how to finish the game. Since I'm the designer, it only took me 18 mins. So far from the data collected, it usually takes 1 hour to finish it (without a walkthrough).

Video walkthrough

All rooms available in the Beta release

All documents in the Beta release

All intelligence in the Beta release

[Future fix]

A. Lake of supply points / moving speed too slow after armor breaks down

Hiding spots are added in the next release. ODM is not a game focusing on actions - so instead of giving Ava 120 bullet and allow her fight along the way, she is now receiving only 36 bullets. In retune, a hiding spot is added in many scenes. For instance, Ava can now hide under a bed and avoid a fight with the enemies. After adding all these hide spots, the hallways might look different from one to another.

B. Serum injection system:

Currently system: After injecting a serum and have sex with a warmbug, the sex animation will be different. In addition, the Warmbug will drop an item after it got killed. Multi-Eye Cum Bag will even die immediately after sex.

Future system:
Since the serum is not easy to use (it requires you to open the inventory panel) and the way to use is not clear now. Thus, a female closet system is introduced to the project to replace it.

C. Female Closet System:

Background: A troop called "Special Supply Team" which are assembled by females are now introduced to the game. Those female closets are previously where those supply team used to store their clothing, but now Ava can use them as supply points and get a special outfit.

Serum will no longer consider being an item but injected automatically once Ava reaches any female closets. Ava will still walk very slow if she is naked, but the supply points are now everywhere on the map so the slow crawling is no longer a problem. However, only supply point at C7 provides an autosave for the player.

D. Audio:

Check this out:

The audio in Beta is just a half-done system. The moaning and Warmbug sounds will improve in the next release. Distance-fading of Warmbugs and a variety of moaning sounds are now in process.

E. Translation:

Now I don't have any proper guy for translation, either for English or Japanese. Will pay and find someone to do it for me.

F. Warmbug generation system:

Currently, those Warmbugs are generated randomly, and later I found out this is not a good design and some bug exist which will remove the bug for an unknown reason. In the next release, Warmbugs will be placed manually, hope this design can bring more fun to the Biologists.


Currently, I'm still finding a job so I will take me some time to come back to work on the project.

I promise you the next release will be much interesting.

Don't worry, Dr. Linch makes things happen.


  1. 我好興奮阿!我好興奮阿!

    1. 待專案完成,閣下必定能化興奮為大爆射--!

  2. This is more in response to one of your previous posts. If you try and force yourself to develop something but you're not enjoying doing so, it can hurt you in the long run. A creator going through similar troubles, Vosmug, recently mentioned a video, "Prolific over perfect". It can be summarised as this: For a creator, whatever your particular field, it can often be helpful to create multiple, small projects. This has several benefits. First of all, you're less susceptible to fatigue, and can set yourself clear and realistic goals that are achievable within a reasonable time frame. Second, you get to experiment more with different projects. Third, the knowledge and experience you gain in creating each carries over to the next - from art to coding, it always shows. Vosmug currently has the problem of having to deal with systems he's created for his current project being inefficient by his standards, which have improved as he's been working on it, so he's being hamstrung by years-old development routines. Lastly, it ultimately results in more stuff for the audience. I wouldn't blame you if you were to drop this project in favour of doing something a little less ambitious with a shorter development cycle, but I wouldn't fault you for continuing with this either. People will always complain and criticise whatever you do, but however you want to play it, you're the sole determiner as to what you create and when.
    As for translation - If you'd like me to tighten up the English spelling and grammar, contact me at

    1. First of all, thank you for the precious suggestions, it helps.

      Vosmug, probably so far the one of the most talent and successful developer(and very kind as well), different friends mentioned me about his updates recently. I love his work on Prisonkage VERY MUCH, and for Xenotake, a game that people always use it as the example and say "Hey, your game looks like Xenotake" is also a wonderful job. Although I didn't read his blog - due to my English ability, the length of his article is quite hard for me to go through. However, from your description, I might have a clue about what he is going through. I see he is adding a lot of new stuff in his system, and that is not easy at all. When system extended to a point, the complexity will not be a linear growth, but an exponential growth. Let's wish the best to him.

      Although we are all developers, and we often face similar problems during the development process, but each developer has their own unique problems to solve, depending on the scale of the current project, the experience we had, and the life we are currently going through. As you said, I'm forcing myself to work on the game and find no enjoyment - and the game did not turn out to be as exciting as I wanted to be. After Beta released, I think for this problem for a while, and found out the problems are from the same source - I have a very limited view - I play too less game, read too less book and watch too less anime. I even don't know what the current trend is - never played LOL, nor Overwatch. I know playing those games will be time-consuming, so I choose to improve my skill set and try to avoid those games. But at the end, I need to play some game for relaxing and instead of learning from new games, I turn back to some old games that I'm already familiar.

      When I come up with the idea that "Once Ava refill the supply, the system will reset all Warmbugs", people said me "Oh, so it's like Dark Soul?" I never played "Dark Soul" so I got no clue about what they are saying. Thanks to the steam summer sale, I bought "Witcher 3" and learned tons of stuff from it. Playing new games to me probably the best way to improve the project. I see weaknesses, strengths, differences, and similarities from my own project. I found out my story doesn't need to be complicated because that's a novelist job, I also found out I should make my plot more easy to read - since it is a Japanese kind of game, texts should be simple. Most of all, I decide to provide more fucks, since that's probably the only strength that I got when comparing to Witcher, my creatures can put their dick in a girl's vagina, but Witcher series cannot do that officially.

      I appreciate your advice. I use them to examine myself carefully. For small projects, you are saying - yeah, I do work on some small projects sometimes just for practice and cash (because I know I need to hire someone to help me on the project, so I better start to save some money right now) but they are not Hentai games. However, ODM seems can only be a middle-sized project because there is no way to turn back. I will only build some small Hentai projects once I'm done with ODM. Even now I'm not sure what I'm doing is right, but I'll keep introspect myself, and hopeful at the end I can find a right path and provide all my dear Biologists follows the completion of the project.

      For translation, thank you for willing to help. Once I'm done with the story, I'll contact you and see how to get this done.

  3. 我期待能有更多互動性與良好順暢性 本人還在服役但也快退伍 之後跟博士一樣找工作了

    1. 最近研究了一些遊戲,頓時又充滿了靈感。至於良好的互動性,我洗耳恭聽,歡迎提供任何建議跟想法,專案才有改進空間。



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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Is this a dead project?

    1. No, it's not dead, but you can say it is dead sleep right now. The author is trying to find a fucking job but so far there is no progress.

      For the next update, there will be some big changes and will require more time. Please go for other games for now. Once ODM is ready, it will have the ability to spread on social media and find you.

      Dr. Linch will make things happen eventually.