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Thursday, June 22, 2017


I don't like to use the word "Failure" very much, but somewhere in my heart, that's how I feel about the project now.

This Beta release supposed to be a big event. I should start to advertise, make videos, send emails to people who participate Alpha, etc. However, after a second thought, I decide not to do so.

The reason is simple - the game is just not fun, and it is not ready.

It is not hard to tell that  I put all my effort in this game.

I just fucking graduated now and need to find a job immediately, but I'm stuck with this project, figuring out the way to improve it.

I want to build a game that I'm proud of - and can entertain my audience.

It's very easy to build a game with just some simple script with some fuck animations and makes tons of cash by facilitating this repeatable process, but this is not I want, and this ODM is not that kind of game.

A document system is never a requirement of a hentai game - nor intelligence system. The story of a Hentai game doesn't need to make sense as well... A girl with big boobs can just show up and get fucked by big dick orc without any reasons.

But then I question myself - is this what I want? Is that what you Biologists what?

To me, a good game should receive no marks taken when Hentai content is removed. A good game with the story itself, it should be interesting enough that people would like to discuss it. Players should share the emotion of heroine, and remember the heroine, as well as the game, and there is where the connection between the player and the game build. Otherwise, the game is nothing but some tissue paper, once you go through it, the value is no longer exist.

I appreciate the support from some Biologists from this release. There were Biologists feeling very painful when I postpone the project... I'm glad to know the project is attractive to you.

ODM needs to be improved, and it will be improved.


  1. By the way if you guys can refer me any developer job (I can do both front end and back end) near DC, please add me as friend on FB:


  2. (ˊ.ω.ˋ)

  3. I posted a link to your beta build on ULMF, so you should be getting a little more attention. Your game looks pretty good so far, hopefully you can keep improving.

    Some feedback - someone on ULMF said the hallways all look the same and are poorly lit, so it might help to add more background imagery (panels, portholes, unusable compouter temrinals) to help make one corridor stand out from another.
    -Although the new serum-based struggle mechanic is a little easier to figure out than the previous one, it's kind of cumbersome to use, and the real problem is that the struggle mechanic just wasn't explained. Also, even though it helps a lot to have a resupply point at your escape pod, it's pace-killing to slowly crawl back to it from across the ship every time your suit gets broken. Maybe replacing the serums with suit-repair-kits and having the resist/feed difference be handled in a single, clearly-explained struggle system would solve both problems?
    -There's a door between two rooms in the F row of the map that has an untranslated door description both in-game and on-map in the english language version.
    It's possible for monsters to knock Ava backwards through the "more in next version" barriers if her suit is unbroken.
    -The voice clips are good, but there's only two and they repeat on rhythm, even through the finisher animations. It would help if you got some big screams/groans for the grapple finishers.
    -Some of the door descriptions in english are unclear as to how you get through them. I figured out that the "general battery" is used for the Star and Neutron Star doors through trial and error.
    -On a more possitive note, I like the reload mechanic. It lasts just long enough for tension, and makes the heroine look like a competent agent.
    -I also like the sound design on the enemies. It works well with the spooky atmosphere, and gives decent warning on when to stop running and proceed cautiously. I few more sound effects and more distinct distance-fading would really accentuate this strength.
    -You mention that we should check the forums for more info, but I can't find a link on your blog. Could you put one on the side?

    Keep up the good work! I hope your game gets more love!

    1. Thanks, Jay. Thank you so much for the support, it's very encouraging.

      After talking to many Biologists, I'm planning to change the gameplay of the project, here are some changes on the list:

      A. Add hiding spots. ODM is not a game focusing on actions - so instead of giving Ava 120 bullet and allow her fight along the way, she is now receiving only 36 bullets. In retune, a hiding spot is added in many scenes. For instance, Ava can now hide under a bed and avoid a fight with the enemies. After adding all these hide spots, the hallways might look different from one to another.

      B. Serum injection: You are absolutely right about the bad design of serum system. It is not easy to use (it requires you to open the inventory panel) and the way to use is not clear. The serum system is replaced by a new system - female closets.

      C. female closet system: this is the suit repair kit system that you are saying. A troop called "Special Supply Team" which are assembled by females are now introduced to the game. Those female closets are previously where those supply team used to store their clothing, but now Ava can use them as supply points and get a special outfit. This change helps me stop thinking of redesign Ava's battle suit but replace by another version (I always want to improve the battle suit design after Sado's version). Ava can put the cloth on and run again by reaching any female closet. Serum will no longer consider being an item but injected automatically once Ava reaches any female closets. Ava will still walk very slow if she is naked, but the supply points are now everywhere on the map so the slow crawling is no longer a problem. However, only supply point at C7 provides an auto save for the player.

      D. For voice and sounds - I got to apologize for that. I really don't have time to implement the sound system, the variety of voices for Warmbugs and Ava are already collected, even then I had to postpone it due to the schedule. In the future version, for sure I will fix the audio, and there will be a voice actress with us. Let's wait and see.

      E. There should be an event giving Ava a hint of where to use General Battery. It is not implemented in the current version. Sorry about the confusion.

      F. For illumination, it seems everyone has a different level of lamination on their screen/computer, from my screen the light is strong enough, but from the screenshot that some Biologists sent to me, it's very dark. Will fix it.

      G. Translation: Will pay and find someone to do that for me. My English is so bad that I have a feeling that I'm going to ruin your gaming experience if I translate all stuff by myself.

      H. Reload time: the interesting thing is, I fixed the reload time at the final second before the release. It was previously 0.5 second, and it gets fixed to 2 seconds later.

      I. Distance-fading sound: This is already on the list as well. I feel that the scorpion is too noising... but did not have time to fix that.

      J. Warmbug generation system: Currently, those Warmbugs are generated randomly, and later I found out this is not a good design and some bug exist which will remove the bug for an unknown reason. In the next release, Warmbugs will be placed manually, hope this design can bring more fun to the Biologists.

      [Cool Bug] Warmbugs push Ava to the next version: This is a pretty cool bug. Didn't notice that.

      [Cool Bug] When Atter is fighting with the Shadows, if you crawl to Atter, the bullet will miss Ava and you are able to see Atter and other imperial soldier idling there.

      [Cool Bug] For the toxic area, if you collect enough semen, you are able to reach the end. The door is locked though.


      I believe after implementing elements list above, the project will be more fun and ready for the public.

      Thank you so much for the support. Once I find a job, I'll return to the project and get everything fixed.

    2. For the forum, it is actually a chat room for receiving feedback. It is no longer needed anymore since I already got so much feedback to improve the project. However, if you have any suggestions, welcome to add me on Facebook and talk privately, Dr. Linch always welcome a Biologist. :)