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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Progamming has started.

"Should I just use some free software to complete this game?"

Whenever the author is choosing tools, this kind of thoughts will come out in mind.

However, when considering how players might feel during their gaming experience, the author swipe his debit card and in a one second for an advanced tool.

Learning how to simplify the workflow is important, but what more important is never compromise on the game quality.

Whenever thinking of the players, the author knows he needs to work harder.

Currently, the art schedule is fall behind - maybe because previous development went too smoothly so an unrealistic schedule has made. Fortunately, the programming part is on track.

Influenced by the Management of Defense Acquisition, the author goes back to the project requirement and make sure every requirement is on the right track - since that is what the course emphasized.

The development schedule is currently going well.

Recently the author slept on 6 a.m. in the morning... because of the development of cause.

Although he is super exciting for bring the result to the players, he needs to take care of this health anyway - this will do good to the project too, in a long term.

A rough estimate: the first demonstration will release before May.

Good luck.


  1. 辛苦了

    1. 稍微試玩了一下,認出你是ZB畫異形的那位生物學家。




  2. Great Animation!
    keep calm and play generals

    1. Thanks bro. I'm more interesting in biology recently, but will be back testing chemical weapons the other day. :)