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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Suit Done!

The combat suit is done. How do you guys feel?

Several ways are tested for putting on the color. Since I'm not an art major, hopefully, the result can satisfy you biologists.

Many details are taken away from the previous design. It is a pity that the white armor is gone - I tended to bring up so innocent and inviolable impression, but it doesn't look nice.

Blue and red are used for this suit and with these color mixed, purple as became the main theme color. Hope this combination can bring your attention.

By the way, the red web part is the Red Core technology - the driving force of this combat suit. This is something from the aliens - those kind aliens, I mean, not from that horny side... well, we'll get to the plot next time.

So that's almost it... hmm, before you leave, here is a simple poll that I try to drag from the widget. It is about the primary weapon of the main character. Currently, the primary weapon for the girl is a handgun. I'm thinking do you guys prefer a rifle?

Making love is an importance element of this game, but making wars is, too. Please leave your opinion so I can on one hand have a better idea of the weapon, on the other hand, I'll know it is not boots that visiting this blog.

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Thanks, I'll see you around.

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