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Monday, February 15, 2016

I am (not) alone

The Tits Sucker!

Hi, Biologists. What's up?

The attaching image is something done before the project has started.

The author looked into the drafts and designs done at the very beginning and found that they are pretty different from the current one.

Some changes occur because it had referred many collected information and had many dedicated improvements. For example, the game mode, the way that players are expected to act in the game, is something the designer very proud with. It is established in a unique way and the author really wants to show you guys about it.

Some changes, on the other hand, are concessions -- like Ava's tits. Yeah, it was not that big at first, and overall her body shape is slim and short. The author was looking for a harmonious and beautiful body, but when considering the preference of most players, her tits are enhanced without preconditions.

For some part, it maintains what it was. Like, Ava herself, has not changed. It is simple to make her as a fuck toy, we all know what a fuck toy looks like (I assume that), but I insist to make her someone who is not that loveable -- In order to make her different, I gave her a hair style which is less popular. Well, although she sacrificed her tits... but anyway, tits with lovely shape are the big the better, so overall it is good for her, right?

And something weird is -- The author found that he forgot some of the designs. This might be the reason why he look back the beginning drafts and proposal, to remember the original thoughts and meanwhile get inspired.

Today the fighting artwork has initiated and goes smoothly. I guarantee you that Ava is more sex than she was in the previous post, you'll love it.

By the way, the poll about the weapon seems not going well. The weapon artwork is about to start and meanwhile the author is very afraid that he is talking to himself, so if it is possible, go share your view! The author need opinions from biologists! For those who already vote, thank you so much! You guys are perfect!

Click here to share your view

That's it. After this post, the author might need to start reading Management of Defense Acquisition Projects -- for 300 pages and is written in foreign language. In order to meet you guys soon, he will try his best.

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