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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Strategy of Engaging a Warmbug

Research from The Second Fleet of Empire

The combat laboratory has launched a series of programs against Warmbug to improve the combat ability of The Empire infantry.

It is never over impulsive to launch an attack against the Eternal Fleet Association by spreading the alien species. The prerequisite of this warframe is to acquire a better knowledge than the enemies so we might have a better opportunity to win in an alien involved combat field.

From the testing data collected by 80 groups of combat slaves, we reach several valuable conclusions which suggest the Toxic to put into practice immediately.

A. With standard Empire Warsuit, we found that Warmbugs take damages varied by different chemical composition. Certain Warmbugs injured badly by corrosive weapons, others are vulnerable to electrical weapons. However, compare to tradition weapons, the Red Core Technology is still much more deadly.

B. We observed from the testing battlefield that some female slaves survived for a little longer than average. What they did was to give up resistance and allow Warmbugs to assaults them whatever they want. However, some female slaves try to act the same way breaks down earlier.

Thus, we infer that when female find it hard to get rid of an attacking Warmbug, give up resistance and try to satisfy those bugs might extend the survivor rate to the utmost.

C. After three hours, the survivor rate of combat slaves is 15%. We executed the male slaves and translate the female slaves into Extract Cattle.

Above is our research result.