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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sweet Dream!

Dr. Linch was worried that he might leave the project unfinished before the deadline, so he cannot sleep well last night.

He forced himself to sleep because he knows sleeping late will only slow down the development speed.

The funny thing is, since when, sleeping on time has become so difficult than staying up late.

Dr. Linch hope you guys all have a good sleep in the night.

Although Dr. Linch trying to make up the release before mid-October, since the system becomes more and more complex, the actual release data is hard to estimate.

Dr. Linch will try everything he got to make things happen.

The release date will surely be somewhere before November, otherwise, HE WILL BE DEAD! SO DEAD!

Because he already put himself in for something from which there was no turning back.

Recently something makes him very proud of is that he completely fixed the control problem from bug reports from the last release.

The other good news is, Ava now knows how to cross the enemies by crawling.

Thank you for the support. Hope to meet you biologists soon.

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