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Friday, July 17, 2020



Grand opening images from the CG artist of the game!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Combate System Demo

A short demo of the game.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Don't hate me... :(

Sorry guys, I didn't make it.

For the past two weeks, I'm so busy and have no time to work on the game at all.

I spent all my time building the publishing platform, hiring a voice actress, sending tons of emails, and worked on the security testing, finding someone to translate the context into both English and Japanese...

All these are probably nothing but excuses since an estimation time has given. The fact is, it took me A LOT of time, way longer from my estimation, and I have too little control over them. (After all, I can't ask people to reply the email immediately or to ask a translator to work overtime)

Things like the security of the publishing platform, user privacy, password hash, etc... they matter, I can't just build something usable, but need to be good and secured.

The good news is that the voice actress has sent me the voice file, the platform is 90% done, but the translation is still ongoing(I'm very thankful for this), my estimation for the official release is probably somewhere 7/17.

I'll try to post some content of the game to keep you update.

Well then, I should go back to development.

Oh, and to show my apologies for the delay, I won't jerk off at all before the official release. Thank you for your patient.

Saturday, April 11, 2020


The image above is a CG from the artist, check out the artist's homepage through [here]

You can also visit the artist's PIXIV through [here]

Please give some likes to the artist, so the artist can have some confidence for the project... :P

I quit my job so I can work on a full-time development and meanwhile run away from that stupid virus.

My estimation for finishing the game is within two months. I don't want to give any estimation because things can always go wrong, but I know people are waiting and they are losing patience, so here is my estimated time.

The main part of the game is pretty much done. I'm working on fixing some bugs and see if I'm able to add a BOSS fight or more Warmbugs.

Here is an update video, I demonstrate some new systems in the game, check it out.

And that's it, time to go back for development. I'll see you on the official release.

Stay safe, guys.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Let's Party!

Dear biologists...

It has been a while after the Beta release. I've added many new systems such as horny status, item destruction, item combination, etc to improve the project.

I've rewritten the story several times as well. My only wish is to bring you guys a good gaming experience.

Now, I've finished all the events in 60 levels.

Hereby I invite people who are interesting in game development to join the internal testing event.

There are several key points for this testing event:

A. Resources balancing.

B. Examing abnormal AI.

C. Enemy strength balancing.

D. Storyline.

E. Level design

F. Sub-system functional testing.

Since the English testing team is full already, this recruitment if for Chinese users only.

But don't worry, after the Chinese testing, I'll soon start the translation and post some videos.

I'll see you guys soon!

Friday, June 7, 2019


She is the priest from Beta, remember?

Recently, I've created a Discord server to motivate myself for development.

If you are interested in game development, whether you are an artiest, a programmer or simply have some ideas in mind, you are welcome to join.


The channel is in Chinese, though.

I'll see you guys around then.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Long path

Dear fellows...

Sorry for keeping you waiting. I'm sorry, to all of you, the process shouldn't be so long.

I just started my new job two weeks ago and there are many things going on, now I'm typing this in the office during the break.

I wouldn't say that making a game is a hard thing to achieve, all I need to do is write some code, do some art and put them together... but making a good game does take a lot of time and energy. Form the schedule it looks like not many things left, but I know that many small things will take more time from my estimation.

I really need you guys to believe me that I'll finish the project and be patient.

The development process is long and lonely. I appreciate the support you gave me, otherwise, it will only be for difficult.

I'll start posting the daily schedule again on twitter/google document. I didn't do a good job last time but I'll make sure to post the daily post from now on.

Thank you, biologists.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

New character!

Image above is the character that appeared on the cover.

From my estimation, there are about 30+ animations that are not yet done.

Some of them will take minutes to finish, some takes days... the fact is, it's actually lesser from my estimation.

The other thing I want to mentions is, I'm going to work from February.

Not sure how much free time I'll have but this project is always my priority.

You biologists are welcome to send me a message anytime on DISCORD.

Dr. Linch makes things happen. Good luck to you all.